Thanks for stopping by!

I like to take ideas from product managers, analysts, other designers, and even attorneys to create experiences that are easy for people to understand and use. See my product design and UX writing portfolio now.

I also pass down my 12 years of content design experience to make those around me even better. Besides mentoring, it manifests itself in creating job ladders, keeping job descriptions up to date, reviewing third-party design and writing tools and plugins such as Ditto and Acrolinx, and defining our team’s role when meeting with stakeholders. See my leadership portfolio now.

I spend my free time lurking on social media and online message boards to study user habits in their natural environment. Their problems are my problems. I want to fix them.

I also play Pokemon Go (Team Instinct!) and teach myself Japanese (but not at the same time).

Now that you’re here, take a look at my portfolio and see what I’ve been up to.

Picture of Joel Edelman